Adding Flagstone and Boulders to Enhance Your Landscape

When it comes to landscape design, nothing adds character to an outdoor space like the use of rock and boulders. The use of stone products helps enhance the yard by adding color, texture, dimension and scale to the space around it. But like any creative decision, moderation and pre-planning are key.

Here are some tips from Troesh Coleman Pacific on what to consider when designing your landscape project.

  1. Choose a stone that will match or blend into the terrain around it. Make sure the plants and other landscape elements fit with the look of the stone. For example, a mossy covered stone would not fit in well with desert plants or a Southwestern landscape. Your landscape provider can help direct you to stones that match well with the plant life in your yard. You may want to work with the landscape professionals from a company like Christie’s Landscapes in Canberra if you’re looking to bring a fresh look to your outdoor space and live within the area that they operate.
  2. Choose locally sourced stones and boulders when possible. Material from your region will look more natural if it is something common in the area. Local materials add incredible curb appeal to your home. Additionally, stones are low or no maintenance, so they are an asset to the landscape that will not incur additional expense over time.
  3. Be sure to pick stones and boulders that fit the scale of the yard. Oversized materials look impressive but they can visually subtract from other elements in the yard. Conversely, it also doesn’t pay to use undersized materials just to save money. As was mentioned before, rock products don’t require upkeep but have long-term benefits.
  4. Finally, planning ahead on the placement of the stones or boulders will help the design process. Consulting with a landscape supplier such as Troesh Coleman Pacific will go a long way in avoiding complications at installation time. Boulders are heavy and require transportation by equipment that needs access to the placement location. Planning ahead will ensure that the stones are placed properly and efficiently without complications and time overruns.

Troesh Coleman Pacific specializes in providing a variety of landscape products for homeowners and contractors on the Central Coast. They have been family owned and operated since 1984 and are happy to help with any of the projects you may have for your landscape.