Troesh Coleman Pacific Delivery Fleet


BOBTAIL: Lightweight delivery truck for up to 5 yards of heavy materials like Base or Rock or 25 yards of lightweight material like Bark.

Bobtail delivery truck


CUSTOM TEN-WHEELER: Custom design by TCP, this truck can carry 30 yards of lightweight material of 12 yards of heavier material. This truck has a divider in the bed allowing 2 different products to be delivered at the same time. It also has doors on the side for pallet deliveries and the ability to carry a piggyback forklift. This truck can deliver a load of rocks and pallets of flagstone at the same time!


TRANSFER: A ten-wheeler with a trailer can deliver up to 20 yards of material. This truck has the capability of delivering two different materials in the same load.


END DUMP: This truck can deliver 17 yards of material. It is perfect for larger boulders and cobblestones.


FLATBED WITH FORKLIFT: This truck can deliver up to 18 pallets of material and comes with its own fork lift to put the pallets where you want them.


WALKING FLOOR: This truck can deliver up to 100 yards of bark in one delivery.

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