Bark 101: Everything You Didn’t Know, But Should!

Bark is such a versatile material and its wide array of benefits often goes unknown. Bark can be used simply for the purpose of beautifying your landscape, however, its uses are far more widespread than that. Although it is often overlooked, it should be considered for both beauty and practicality. Mulching has a variety of beneficial properties. When used in conjunction with vegetation, it offers huge benefits. We are here to fill you in on everything you need to know.

Installing bark will:

Some things to consider:

Bark is great for any size project, from small flower beds or vegetable gardens to large orchards or expansive open areas that need to be tamed with a little TLC. Next time you’re considering landscaping, remember all the benefits of using bark; you won’t be disappointed!

Different Types of Bark

Gorilla Hair This shredded redwood material is an exceptionally long-lasting, decorative ground cover. Gorilla hair is fibrous and fuzzy in nature, soft in appearance, and rich in color. It seems to hold together better along minor slopes and hillsides. Along with the great aesthetic appeal, it increases moisture retention and weed reduction.

Medium Nuggets Preferred as decorative bark mulch, these 2″ and smaller nuggets can be used as a walk-on surface or for ground cover. With a clean, yet natural look, these individual nuggets are long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing.

Mini Nuggets Mini nuggets are produced with high-quality installations in mind. It’s a popular choice for installations that need complete coverage as it hugs the trunk system of most plants and shrubs while aiding in moisture retention and weed reduction.

Recycled Brown After we accept Green and Wood waste at our yard, we double grind the raw pile and produce a sellable product. The material could be a mixture of various shrubs and local trees from oak, eucalyptus, pine, and construction debris including 2×4 lumber and plywood. We don’t accept any type of treated wood or painted material. This material is a perfect fit for larger properties that would have an alternative to dirt; it’s an excellent choice for weed control and moisture retention in your soil.