How Troesh Coleman Pacific Celebrates Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day! Did you know recycling your unwanted concrete and asphalt with TCPs sister company RoXsand is a great way to help the environment?

It not only prevents used concrete and asphalt from ending up in a landfill, it also eliminates using unnecessary resources to make a new product by transforming used concrete and asphalt into Class II Recycled Road Base. Here’s a quick breakdown of the process.

Before the production process begins, the used material is inspected by our Weightmaster and sorted into large piles accordingly. The pulverizer breaks down any large pieces and removes any rebar. After the material is prepared, the loader places it into the Jaw Crusher where it then passes through two magnets.

From here, the material is handpicked to ensure any foreign material has been removed. Next, the clean material is processed through a two phase shaker screen and a cone crusher through a closed circuit. When the material is processed down to ¾” minus rock it travels up a conveyor belt to a stock pile waiting for its final destination.

The final product is picked up by home owners, contractors or anyone in need of sub-base and is used for roads, parking lots, etc.

Now that’s Going Green!